Mayor suspends spa license for 21 days in St. Charles

Probation to Aug. 30, $1K fine also part of Rogina's ruling

ST. CHARLES – Mayor Raymond Rogina, acting as Liquor Control Commissioner, suspended the license for 21 days of Summer Spa Massage, 1550 E. Main St., and put the licenses on probation until Aug. 30, officials announced in a news release.

Rogina also fined Summer Spa Massage $1,000.

The business was charged with several violations regarding licensing, proof of license, supervision and conduct.

Kevin Wendorf, attorney for the spa’s owner Hong Shen, said he did not have a comment on the mayor’s ruling.

Rogina’s decision follows a Feb. 18, Liquor Control Commission hearing in which an undercover offer testified that a therapist removed the towel from his genitals, squirted him with lotion and told him, “You do. You do.”

The undercover officer testified at the 2 1/2- hour hearing that he was following up on a complaint of suspected prostitution at Summer Spa Massage.

Cmdr. of Investigations Eric Majewski had testified that the undercover investigation began as a follow up to an anonymous email alleging prostitution at Summer Spa Massage.

“The customer had been to the Summer Spa. Heard inappropriate noises in the next room,” Majewski said. “This person … asked his masseuse what it was. And she told him that it was, quote, ‘a special happy ending.’ This prompted the customer to make a complaint with the city of alleged prostitution at the Summer Spa.”

Rogina had said after the hearing that he had 10 to 14 days to issue a ruling on whether the spa would be fined, its license suspended or revoked.

The St. Charles Liquor Control Commission considers alcohol, tobacco, and massage license issues.