Wine and chocolate – a pairing so perfect you're bound to fall in love

Movie “meet cutes” – those dazzling first encounters between soon-to-be lovers – so often occur in shops or stores.

But what might happen if a couple of businesses made for one another could actually catch a glimpse of their bona fide better half?

As it stands, that’s a veritable impossibility for Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, 1308 Commons Drive, Suite 5020, Geneva, and SavWay Fine Wines & Spirits, with locations at 2580 E. Main St. in St. Charles and 515 W. State St. in Geneva.

So maybe we should count ourselves lucky that much of the fare these shops offer matches up so perfectly.

With the blush of spring in the air, here’s a look at some chocolate and wine pairings for the season, with influences from Better Homes & Gardens and other websites.

Riesling and white chocolate. The gentle creaminess of white chocolate pairs nicely with the sweet wine to enhance the flavor of both. Among the Riesling offerings at SavWay are a 2016 Mt. Beautiful Riesling from North Canterbury, New Zealand, which sells for $21.99. Find white chocolates among the treats in a 14.5-ounce assorted chocolate gift box ($23.50) or an 8-ounce, sugar-free assorted chocolates gift box ($15.25).

Tawny port and caramel-filled chocolates or caramels. This duo makes a natural complement thanks to the caramel and nut elements of the port. If you're up for a sensory overload, Rocky Mountain offers a few sizes of its nut and caramel chocolates gift box, including 15.5 ounces for $23.50 and 31 ounces for $44.95. The gift box features a blend of double-layered chocolates covered in rich milk chocolate and semi-sweet dark chocolate, as well as other surprises.

• Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. Whether enjoying this delicious dessert a la carte or at the end of a three-course dinner, pair these two delicacies to build the vibe of a sweet retreat. Check with the store to gauge the availability of strawberries. In past years, Rocky Mountain has offered strawberries wearing a tuxedo of milk or dark chocolate and a white confection resembling a bride's wedding gown – the ultimate treat to celebrate a wedding or engagement.

Note: Sparkling wine may be used as a substitute for champagne. Prosecco – sparkling wine from Italy – is very similar to champagne and is a popular pick.

For more information or to peruse online inventory, visit Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at or call 630-208-1484. Take stock of SavWay's wine, beer and spirit selections at or call 630-584-0172 for the St. Charles store or 630-232-7707 for the location in Geneva.