Letter: I've lost 2 children to overdoses. Charge those who enable them

To the Editor:

Back in 2003, my 18-year-old son died of a heroin overdose. It was his own stupidity and naiveté that led to it. At the time, I also was naive and uninformed.

Since then, I have seen many deaths because of overdoses, mostly involving our young people who had so much promise in our future world. And I have learned so much more about the whole heroin experience.

After my son’s death, I did what I could to help, which went nowhere. There aren’t enough rehab places to help or enough safe houses for subsequent care.

This past June, my 35-year-old daughter died from an overdose. I gave birth to three children and lost two of them to overdoses. No one will ever know the pain and heartache that I feel.

I am now on a mission to do whatever I can to save future kids from overdosing. I think that charging those who supply drugs that lead to overdoses is a great idea and a super-good start.

One at a time. It won’t ever stop the situation, but it may help. Anything I can say or do is very important to me to help save our future.

Gloria Behrens