To the Editor:

Having thoroughly vetted the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate from Illinois, Dr. Tom Tarter is my choice because his platform aligns with my values.

He is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Donald Trump, and he supports securing our border. He would bring his knowledge and experience as a physician and surgeon to Washington, and he is best poised to address the health care system and health insurance challenges that we face as a nation.

Tarter is well-versed on political issues and speaks intelligently on them.

Tarter did not come from wealth. He was raised by a single parent, his mother, who was a social worker – a position notorious for not paying well. Tom has been in the workforce since the age of 17. He attended a community college then transferred to a four-year college on a scholarship and six other sources of aid, including work-study.

He is all too aware of the plight of the underserved and those living in impoverished communities. He served and treated those individuals as their physician. Tom and his wife know what it is to struggle. They adopted three sons and faced paying student loans while Tom built a medical practice.

Tarter is an honorable man who is running a clean campaign. He has not resorted to lying about his opponents, as another candidate has. I encourage you to support and vote for Dr. Tom Tarter on March 17.

Connie Straube


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