Last week I ran a story called “Think ‘digital’ when buying Valentine’s Day gifts.”

After the story ran, my oldest son, Christopher Baran, messaged me with some digital gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

All of them can be found on Amazon.

And if you ran out of time to buy your loved one that perfect gift, my son reminded me that some Amazon items come with same-day shipping.

Snipperclips: This Nintendo Switch game lets couples work together to solve puzzles.

Stay in touch lamps: Each person connects the lamp to his or her WiFi. When one person touches the lamp, the partner’s lamp will light up, too, letting the other know the loved one is thinking of him or her.

Pillow Talk: Using phone apps and wristbands, partners can fall asleep to the loved one’s heartbeat in real time.

ThePhotoStick and ThePhotoStickMobile: After plugging in the stick and downloading an app, the device will automatically find and backup all your photos.

Occulus Go VR headset: To enjoy games and movies in virtual reality.

Cube: Attach this cube to keys, purses, wallets, pets – anything you don’t want to lose – and then use the app to find it anywhere.

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