Kindergarten takes the lead at ICS in Morris

Kindergartners play special role in ICS holiday Mass

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Kindergartners took responsibility for several key roles at an Immaculate Conception School Mass.

Mass is celebrated every Friday at ICS. The students file into Immaculate Conception Church first thing in the morning, and grade levels take turns doing recitations, petitions and other roles. But Friday was the first time that kindergarten took on the role.

This year, under the direction of new Principal Stacey Swanson, the class did the reading and the petitions. Later in the gym, they recited the Christmas story and received a big round of applause from the older students. In between, the students hung ornaments of hope on the trees.

“I think they were absolutely fabulous,” Swanson said. “They were well-spoken and focused on the fact that they were able to share God’s love with each other.”

Swanson said their teacher, Sister Debrah Funfsinn, helped them learn their roles and prepare for the special Mass.

“They worked very, very hard,” Swanson said. “They did a lot of big kid things. I think it was nice for them to see that they were part of the bigger picture.”

Swanson said she feels blessed to be in a school where the students can talk about and share their faith with each other.

“They learn about and share the truth, beauty and goodness of God,” she said.

The Rev. Ed Howe led the Mass. As he spoke to the students, he walked around holding a candle as he explained the importance of being the light of the world. He told the children people are meant to receive the light of Christ and take that light out into the world.

The talk was interactive, with Howe asking questions and children giving their best answers. He also spoke of the angels who visited Mary and Joseph and what they told them.

“The angel came to tell them God had a special role for them,” he said. “There are angels around you all the time. God works through us in all kinds of ways.”

He also broke down the word “Christmas,” telling students it means “More Christ” in our lives. We have missed the point of Christmas, he said, if we don’t have more of Christ in our lives.

The kindergartners then went up to the lectern two-by-two, reading petitions before those gathered.

One was, “That we will enjoy spending time with our families and those we love during Christmas.”

Another was a wish that those who had died over the year enjoy their first Christmas in heaven.