Shanahan reported among finalists for Joliet city manager

A Joliet City Council search committee has narrowed down city manager candidates to six, with City Attorney Martin Shanahan said to be on the list.

Council member Michael Turk said the Ad Hoc City Manager Search Committee has recommended six candidates for interviews.

Turk would not comment on who is on the interview list.

Sources, however, said the list includes Shanahan, who has served twice as interim city manager for Joliet, and James Capparelli, a private attorney in Joliet who was appointed to the city’s Plan Commission in the summer.

Neither Shanahan nor Capparelli could be reached for comment.

Turk is on the search committee that includes Mayor Bob O’Dekirk and council member Jan Quillman.

“We’re pretty much in tune with the six that we picked to interview,” Turk said. “The rest of the council will get copies of the six resumes. They also will get copies of the 19 that we didn’t pick to interview. They’ll get everything.”

The city received 25 résumés for the job after council disputes over the city manager position on several issues, including whether to open up the job at all for candidates.

O’Dekirk, Quillman and two other council members wanted to award the job to Shanahan, who had been serving as interim city manager since October and had previously filled in as interim city manager in 2017.

But a council majority wanted to open the job up for applicants and removed Shanahan from the position in June, contending it was necessary to start a candidate search.

Shanahan had said he intended to apply for the job when he was removed as interim but since then has declined to comment.

He was replaced as interim city manager by Deputy City Manager Steve Jones, who has stated he does not want the job.

Capparelli is an attorney with the Castle Law firm, which does work for the city. O'Dekirk appointed Capparelli to the Plan Commission in July with approval from the council.