Catch the Chicago Pet Show Nov. 9-10 at the Kane County Fairgrounds, and bring home a new friend

Whether searching for special pet products or considering adding a pet to the family a visit to the Chicago Pet Show has a wide array of offerings to accommodate pet parents of dogs, cats, reptiles and birds too.

For the ninth year Chicago Pet Shows will set up for a multi-day event at the Kane County Fairgrounds  Nov. 9-10 in St. Charles, welcoming vendors selling a variety of items from the essentials including healthy pet foods to unique clothing and accessories. This pet show goes beyond pet essentials and features pet rescue groups, where visitors can learn more about and even begin the process to adopt a pet.

The inspiration behind this popular pet show is a dog named Frankie 2 Paws and his loving owner, Peggy Ruh, who adopted the special needs pup who was paralyzed and only able to walk on two legs. She says dog’s determination and character was the inspiration for her help other families to see the joy of adopting rescue animals, from those with special needs to those who are simply in need of a loving home.

After hosting smaller shows Ruh teamed up with partners Jessica Zeuli and B.K. Casazza to begin hosting the Chicago Pet Show with one of the first stops at the Kane County Fairgrounds in St. Charles.

Ruh, a Yorkville resident, says that first show took up just half of the Robinson building.

“It’s just grown so much,” Ruh says, adding that it has become a wonderful way for her team to connect with the many rescue groups who return year after year.

The show includes rescue groups for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and small mammals too.

“We try to have a lot of education too,” Ruh says, as she explains how pet rescue groups can offer visitors a chance to talk one-to-one to learn more about an animal’s needs, care and much more.

In her pet family Ruh has Frankie 2 Paws as well as a senior dog and a younger dog who is just 2. She laughs that her pack all get along and remind her of the joys of animals of all ages and needs.

“If you’re open to rescue, there are so many pets that need a good home,” Ruh says.

While each year Ruh and her team enjoy the sweet stories of pets finding their forever homes with show attendees but she is quick to add that is only part of the way visitors can connect with the rescue groups.

“If you are looking for something you can do, or something to help your community, consider volunteering with the rescue groups, fostering pets or even helping behind the scenes to manage the group’s website,” Ruh says.

The multi-day show also features plenty of family fun, from entertainment to good food and be sure to check the schedule to catch the Wiener Dog Races too.

Tickets to the show are $7 for adults; free for children 18 and younger and adults age 65 and older, and tickets are good for both days. A portion of ticket proceeds are shared with the animal rescue groups. The show is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Parking is free.