Letter: Greedy Jack Franks

To the Editor:

Jack Franks is complaining about the MCCD Director's salary now a days making it look like he cares about taxes. But let’s look at the facts. How much does he get for 18 years of failure in Springfield of increased property taxes and sinking housing value to the taxpayers of McHenry County?

Franks gets $58,622 for his pension for being a State Representative that he signed up for in October. This was the earliest he could start collecting his taxpayer funded pension and he couldn’t wait to get his greedy hands on it.

Franks' years of collection with a 3% increase every year after age 65 will collect over $2.3 million if he lives to 85. Which his dad is that age and still living. Every 5 years, his paycheck starting at age 55 incrementally will look about like this.

Age 55-64 - $58,622, 65 - $60.380, 70 - $69,988, 75 - $81,146, 80 - $94,021, 85 - $109,054.

And the kicker is Jack Franks doesn’t even have to pay income tax to the state for his pension. A lot of people don't even make $58,000 but Jack Franks takes his lucrative politician pension while others suffer.

Franks decided to take the health care from the county but the state of Illinois gives him an extra $1,800 a year stipend into his greedy pocket when he should get $0. As the County Board Chairman, he receives about $110,000 in salary and benefits.

Add everything up Jack Franks soaks from the taxpayers is almost $170,000 a year for a career politician, and that is just today. Time for greedy career politician Jack Franks to get out of the taxpayer pockets.

Carl Kamienski