Joliet city manager says he approved naming rights

Interim City Manager Martin Shanahan issued a statement Wednesday saying he approved a naming rights agreement for the city-owned baseball stadium, while not disclosing how much money Joliet will get from the deal.

The statement appears to indicate that Shanahan considers his approval sufficient to finalize the stadium’s naming rights agreement with DuPage Medical Group. Shanahan could not be reached for comment.

The chairman of the City Council Stadium Committee, however, said he believes the matter still needs to go to the council for review.

“The stadium committee needs to hear this and in some way move it to the City Council,” Councilman Pat Mudron said.

Mudron said he still has not been told what the city is getting from the agreement, which was announced May 21.

The length of the deal also has not been disclosed.

The Joliet Slammers, which lease and manage the stadium, negotiated the naming rights agreement with
DuPage Medical Group. The lease makes the Slammers the exclusive agent for negotiating naming rights but gives the city final approval.

The statement from Shanahan said the lease agreement “does not specify the approval procedure” and that he “exercised the city’s right” to approve the deal Tuesday by executing a memorandum of understanding.

“In addition, since the payment of naming rights revenue is made to the Slammers, I will ensure, after proper accounting, the city receives its fair share after deduction of expenses,” Shanahan said in the statement.

The memorandum of understanding acknowledges terms in the Slammers’ lease that provide Joliet with 50% of revenue from a naming-rights agreement after the deduction of specified expenses. It also lists several terms of the agreement.

But the memorandum does not state the amount DuPage Medical Group will pay.

Shanahan told the Stadium Committee this week that the amount is five figures, which would indicate somewhere between $10,000 and $99,999.

He told the committee that he wanted to meet with the Slammers and DuPage Medical Group before disclosing details of the agreement.