Harvard fire district trustee resigns as board secretary

President announces he won’t seek reappointment

Harvard Fire Protection District board Secretary Joe Clarke announced during Tuesday’s meeting that he will be stepping down from his secretarial role, but he said he will continue to serve the district through his current term.

The board voted, 3-0, to accept Clarke’s resignation, effective immediately. Clarke abstained from the vote, and trustee Jim Carbonetti was not in attendance.

With the role left vacant on the board, Clarke suggested holding a special meeting ahead of the board’s next regularly scheduled meeting to appoint a new secretary.

An action item calling for Clarke to step down as secretary and be replaced by trustee Josh Kelnhofer appeared on the board’s agenda Sunday, but board President Tom Condon said in an email Monday that the item had been removed. He did not say why it was removed.

Condon also announced Tuesday that he would not be seeking reappointment as the board’s president.

The announcement came because Condon said he was not sure he would be in attendance at next month’s meeting, when new officers may be appointed.

Condon said that after he has served 18 years as president, it is time for some new blood, change and new ideas to come forward.

He said he will continue to serve out the remainder of his term to help the district.