New charity group to host Underground Music Night in DeKalb

New charity group to host Underground Music Night in DeKalb

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DeKALB – Northern Illinois University art student Lizzy Warner said the idea for a local organization that provides a creative avenue started as couch talk among friends.

With today’s political climate especially, Warner said, everyone is angry about something lately and everyone wants to change the world, but sometimes it doesn’t go further than that.

She and her friends thought that creating a group called Project Phileo – “phileo” describing a type of love where people show genuine fondness and empathy for each other – would give people a good opportunity to use their talents to help others and do something about whatever it is that angers them.

“Because when you give people a voice, amazing things can happen,” Warner said.

Project Phileo is a nonprofit charity organization that aims to promote humanitarian aid and connect creative individuals to achieve those humanitarian goals, according to its website. The up-and-coming group will host an Underground Music Night at 10 p.m. Feb. 16 at the House Café, 263 E. Lincoln Highway in DeKalb.

The event will feature hip hop and rhythm and blues music acts including Adam Wilson, Lil’ Woo, DJ Entré, The Lion Towers and CNO Camero. Tickets cost $5 per person online ahead of the event and are available at Admission is $10 per person at the door and $15 an hour into the event.

Warner said the Feb. 16 event is meant to support local artists, musicians, downtown businesses and community groups and to bring them together to help each other. She said half of this event’s ticket sales will benefit Conexion Communidad, a local Hispanic culture hub with a mission of bettering nearby communities.

“It will be not a rowdy, but a lively evening,” Warner said.

Warner said the goal for the charity group is to keep branching out to help connect and serve people and causes outside of DeKalb.

“Really, it’s just about supporting and nurturing the community and bringing like-minded people together who might not have met otherwise,” Warner said.