Letter: Dirty tricks of Democrats and others

To the Editor:

News that McHenry County politics has its dirty tricksters should be no surprise. That lawyers would claim free and anonymous political speech as a First Amendment right is par for the course. Illinois integrity – why not?

Nationally, we see the media move mountains trying to convince Americans that Robert Mueller’s never-ending folly is legitimate.

He, of course, has been a dirty trickster for decades. Former Sen. Bob Graham and others have documented his role in covering up the Saudi involvement in 9/11 and obstructing the congressional investigation of the killing of 3,000 Americans. So much for Mueller’s integrity.

Recently, we see that in 2015, the British government launched a secret operation to insert anti-Russia propaganda into western media. The “Integrity Initiative” builds contact groups of trusted journalists, military personnel, academics and lobbyists who receive notices when the Brits sense a need to smear Russia, or anyone whom they deem too soft. A recent post of its budget applications to the British Foreign Office shows that 95 percent of the initiative’s funding comes from the British government, NATO and the U.S. State Department.

So on local, national and international levels, we see dirty tricksters operating to spread misinformation that may convince people that snow is black. As concerned citizens, we need to do our homework, seek the truth and act on what’s known to be accurate information. Sadly, we seem to be people René Decartes once described this way: “Given the problem of conflicting opinions, men simply try to persuade others of their beliefs rather than arrive at a fundamental truth.”

Nicholas C. Kockler