Letter: Supporting Peter Roskam

To the Editor:

With coastal billionaires spending more than $5 million for TV ads against U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam, who is Roskam’s opponent? He says he’s a “Washington outsider.” In truth, he’s been a lobbyist peddling a wish list of taxpayer funding for his private ventures. His playbook? Taxpayers cover the risks while he’d reap the rewards. He also pushed for special tax breaks to go with the free money.

Roskam’s opponent touts leadership in clean energy, but isn’t “clean” with his own federal campaign disclosure. Political action committees can promote a candidate who shares a legitimate policy interest, but it’s illegal to coordinate with a campaign.

It turns out that Roskam’s opponent got his father to create a PAC called “My Committee” to help him. Do they think voters in the 6th Congressional District were born yesterday? That father and son never communicate about his campaign?

The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times editorial boards could not get answers on the laundry list of new and higher taxes he’d support. He’d only admit that he’d repeal the 2017 tax bill that jump-started the economy and sent unemployment levels to record lows.

Trickery is not what we need. There’s already enough of that in Washington. The 6th District cannot afford a congressman who won’t even say how much of his family’s income he needs to tax and spend. No matter how many October surprises come, don’t be tricked. Roskam is the real deal and is working for you.

Willard Helander