A night of Kanye, at Kuipers in Maple Park

Rapper ‘hosts’ album release party

MAPLE PARK – Kanye West, the outspoken musician, rapper and Chicago native, hosted an event last night in an odd locale: Kuipers Family Farm in Maple Park.

The June 6 event was one of three scheduled “listening parties” across the nation, which the artist has deemed “Project Wyoming.” The events, hosted in support of West’s new album, “ye”, which was released June 1, mimic a shindig the artist hosted May 31 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

At about 450 people, “it was a much bigger crowd than we originally anticipated,” said farm owner Kim Kuipers, adding they were prepped for about 200 VIPs in attendance before hearing that afternoon of another free ticket release. “Big thanks to our Kane County Sheriff’s Department for stepping up and immediately helping us out with traffic."

According to Kuipers, West chose the location because the environment reminded him of his time in Wyoming – serene, relaxed and with natural beauty.

Parties took place in Maple Park (deemed the “Chicago” location), and Miami yesterday. A Brooklyn event is set to take place June 7.

Guests were treated to a debut of the album alongside a bonfire, and had the opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise while there.

What they didn’t get was Kanye West himself, who did not attend either event.

“ I think they were happy though,” Kuipers said. “It was a very chill crowd, eating cider donuts and listening to music. A really relaxing evening.”