REINHART: It's the person, not the gun

To the Editor:

This is about the AR-15 rifles so many people seem to think need to be banned.

The people who refer to the AR-15 as an assault rifle show they know very little about this rifle. The AR-15 is a modern-day sporting rifle. True assault rifles have been illegal to buy since about 1936. Assault rifle refers to the ability to fire full automatic. When an AR-15 is called a semi-automatic assault rifle, you’re talking about a rifle that doesn’t exist.

An AR-15 is no more than a tool. No better or worse than the person who uses it. In the hands of a police officer it’s a good thing, and in the hands of a bad person it’s a bad thing. You could have a table full of these rifles and they would not cause harm to anyone. They do not have a brain, they cannot pick themselves up, they can’t load themselves and they are not capable of pulling their own trigger.

It’s the human who picks it up who determines how it will be used.

Millions of these rifles are being used by law-abiding citizerns safely every year and no one gets hurt. When a person uses this gun to kill other people for some reason it becomes the gun’s fault. The only one at fault is the person who pulls the trigger.

It’s a shame so many people are afraid of this rifle, because it can be a lot of fun to shoot. If a person doesn’t like this rifle you don’t have to buy one, but don’t tell people who enjoy shooting them they can’t have one either.