McHenry County College settles lawsuit with Huntley snowplow business

McHENRY – McHenry County College has agreed to pay more than $18,000 to a Huntley construction business, settling a lawsuit that accused the college of stiffing the company out of thousands of dollars in payment for snow removal services.

MCC and Greve Construction Inc., 11980 North St., Huntley, reached a settlement agreement Thursday, ending the more than yearlong litigation in which both sides sought money damages from the other.

Greve filed the original complaint Sept. 19, 2016, in McHenry County court, alleging that MCC and its chief financial officer, Robert Tenuta, owed the business $19,481. The construction company later voluntarily dismissed its suit against Tenuta and sought payment only from MCC.

On Nov. 1, 2014, on behalf of MCC, Tenuta signed the $181,485 purchase agreement for snow removal services at the college from that point through June 30, 2017, the original complaint stated.

As of Sept. 19, 2016, MCC had paid $167,485 toward the balance of the owed amount, leaving a remaining balance of $14,000 plus interest.

The college, however, filed a two-count counterclaim against Greve, accusing the company of damaging the college’s newly installed sidewalks and curbs, and refusing to clean multiple oil spills in the campus’ parking lot.

In an Oct. 28 defense filing, the college wrote that Greve’s snowplow drivers chipped and damaged the new curbs in six or more locations, then refused the college’s request to fix or replace the damaged portions.

Greve denied all allegations and any accusations of negligence.

In its counterclaim, MCC asked for $16,100 in damages for the cost of removing, repairing and replacing the damaged property.

Neither of the sides’ attorneys were available Tuesday to comment on the settlement.

MCC has less than a month to pay Greve $18,243, at which point complaints against both parties would be dismissed, according to the agreement.