Sandwich bans RVs, trailers, truck tractors from parking on public streets

It’s permitted to have persons such as landscapers or contractors park 12 hours on the public right-of-way when they are working at a residence in Sandwich. However, following action Sept. 11 by the city council, it will be against city ordinances for residents to park commercial or recreational vehicles, trailers or truck tractors on public streets.

There have been complaints of resident-owned recreational vehicles, trailers, commercial vehicles and business trucks parked on city streets for long periods in many neighborhoods.

It was pointed out that several residents contacted a council member, saying they think the practice by a neighbor will lower the caller’s property values.

Police Chief Jim Bianchi said the police department won’t be going out and writing tickets right away. They will be giving warnings first for the violations, he said, and thereafter, enforcing the law.

In other business:

Also approved was a no-parking ordinance that includes additional spaces near and around Haskin Elementary School and Sandwich High School.

In other news, a task order for preparation of engineering plans, bidding and construction engineering for sanitary sewer linings on parts of Fifth and Sixth streets, with an amount not to exceed $20,000, was passed recently by the city council.

Director of Public Works Tom Horak explained that there are problems with the sanitary sewer system on Sixth Street, from Reimann to Duvick avenues, and Fifth Street, from Reimann Avenue to Colfax Street. He said putting a lining in the system could shut off the sources of infiltration. He explained that something like a bladder would be shot into the pipe, hardening inside the pipe. The contractors can work in temperatures down to 15 degrees, he said.

The council passed a resolution approving a stormwater management facilities and maintenance agreement for the property at 413 E. Hall St.

The agreement requires that the owner maintains the stormwater facilities.

Also approved was an easement for public utilities, stormwater management and cross-easement provisions for the northeast corner of Terry and Hall streets.