December 02, 2021

New salon Mixology goes 'above and beyond'

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ST. CHARLES – Mixology, an upscale salon and spa that recently opened over the summer, has been enjoying great success in its first months of operation, according to ownership.

“We’re definitely doing above what we thought we’d be doing,” said Phoebe Falese, the owner of Mixology.

Mixology is a salon and spa that offers a wide variety of services, including everything from your basic hair and nail work to full body massages.

“My biggest thing is consistency, and going above and beyond for customer service,” said Falese.

Mixology is partnered with Aveda, a company that carries organic cosmetic products and offers training to salon employees.

“With our culture with Aveda, our biggest thing is education,” said Falese.

The Mixology staff is a mix [of] 20-year industry veterans to new talent.

“With our curriculum and training, we have very high [standards]. We set the bar,” said Falese.

Even after only a few months, the salon has already begun to build a solid customer base.

“Our staff is very established … They actually have a lot of clients from downtown,” said Falese.

Mixology also hosts a wide variety of events.

“We have a great space, so we do charity events, we do local events, and we even kinda collaborate with local restaurants,” Falese said.

Falese attributes much of Mixology’s success to the overwhelming support of both the city of St. Charles and the other local businesses.

“That’s just who we are; it’s all about the community. It’s a big part of why I got into this industry,” said Falese.

Falese has made building relationships and collaborating with other businesses a priority for Mixology.

“Downtown [St. Charles] Partnership, I have to say, is just amazing, along with Baker Hotel. We’re [also] doing stuff for men’s grooming with McNally’s,” said Falese.

Mixology will host two collaborative events in January. One will be a men’s grooming event in collaboration with McNally’s, and the other will be a bridal event in collaboration with Hotel Baker. Falese also hopes to collaborate with the other salons and spas in St. Charles.

“There’s enough clientele to go around … We all have something different to bring to the table,” said Falese. “I would love to have an event with all of the salons down here."

Falese hopes that Mixology will only continue to further cement itself in the downtown St. Charles community.

“We’re really excited to grow with the downtown [area],” said Falese.

Mixology is located at 116 W. Main St. To set up an appointment, call 630-549-6870.