Kaneville Fire Protection District purchases new truck

KANEVILLE – The Kaneville Fire Protection District purchased a much-needed emergency truck earlier this year.

The vehicle, which is the district’s seventh one, but first of its type, can be used for local emergency calls when larger trucks aren’t needed.

“It’s a Ford passenger pickup that we can use for EMS,” fire chief David Sigmund said. “It’s all loaded with emergency gear and it’s certified by the state. The advantage of this is you have a $50,000 truck you can use rather than having to use the $500,000 one, so it saves tax payers money and the trucks should last longer.”

Sigmund said the district continues to use its large truck when calls require longer traveling distances and toll roads.

While the district serves local residents, it also serves all travelers that pass through the district, including nine miles of the I-88 tollway. In total, its boundaries encompass 36 square miles, so a decent amount of travelling can occur.

“We can do just about everything but transport patients,” Sigmund said of the new vehicle. “We can get the patient checked out in the event of an emergency, and once the ambulance arrives, we can help load them up from there.”

Keeping these vehicles maintained is something the district continues to focus on, in order to maximize longevity.

“We had been looking at getting a truck for a while, and we try to keep them all up to date,” Sigmund said. “We just put the money aside to do it and we try to budget to get new trucks. We’ll definitely hope to get some good years out of this one.”

The district has one fire station in Kaneville with 36 volunteer firefighters/officers. Also this year, deputy chief Dan Koebele retired after more than 30 years of service to the district.

Opportunities to volunteer with the district are available. Those who have the heart to serve the Kaneville community can inquire by emailing administration@kanevillefire.org.