The importance of social interaction

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Being social might be taken for granted by some people. It shouldn’t.

In fact, research has proven that social interaction offers countless benefits, especially for seniors who lose some relations with family and friends as they age.

While not interacting regularly can result in a lonely, isolated existence, it can also lead to something as deadly as depression. It also affects one’s physical health, which you probably wouldn’t believe but medical science says otherwise.

A lack of social interaction puts seniors at risk. Most have higher blood pressure and are likely not active physically. This often results in depressed feelings and puts seniors at a greater risk of premature death.

Those who enjoy a lifestyle in which they often interact with others benefit substantially. They can potentially reduce many health risks, including cardiovascular problems, blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease. They also reduce their risk for mental health problems, such as depression.

Unfortunately, social interaction can become more difficult for those who are seniors and no longer work and live alone. While there are senior centers and programming at libraries and park districts that may promote social interaction, it’s not the same as being around your peers.

Fortunately, there are better living options available where seniors can benefit from social interaction and more. One such place is Willow Falls, a continuing-care senior living community in Crest Hill. Residents enjoy new friendships, countless daily activities and wonderful amenities on a beautiful campus. At Willow Falls, there’s so much happening that social interaction comes naturally.

Lastly, for all the knocks social media takes, studies have proven that such technology-based interactions can be also benefit seniors. Staying connected with family and friends through the various social networking sites has proven to be better for one’s overall health and offers nice variety.

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