Teaser trailer for Deere documentary now online

A teaser trailer for a documentary featuring John Deere's early life is online, giving viewers a glimpse of what's in store when the product is finished. The 2 1/2-minute sneak peek uses scenes filmed in November at the John Deere Historic Site in Grand Detour.

“The Best That is in Me: Mr. John Deere’s Dream,” by Emmy-nominated filmmakers Kelly and Tammy Rundle of Moline-based Fourth Wall Films, and producer Chris Burke, plans to begin full production sometime next year, but that can't happen unless fundraising goals are accomplished.

The hope is that the teaser will help.

“[John Deere’s life] is a great story of Americana ... of overcoming challenges,” Burke has said.

Go to http://shawurl.com/2bhl to see the trailer, and mrjohndeeremovie.com for details on the documentary and how to make tax-deductible contributions.