Green Fair on the Fox presents environmental education

Event held Saturday in downtown Batavia

BATAVIA – Batavia resident Peter Kasper knows he gets his fair share of looks as he pedals his solar-powered bike-car hybrid to Fermilab, where he is a scientist

"It seemed like the perfect commuting solution," said Kasper, in talking about his three-wheeled vehicle, called the ELF. He lives near Fermilab.

Kasper's vehicle was part of the alternative transportation show at Saturday's Green Fair on the Fox. Batavia MainStreet partnered with the Batavia Park District, city of Batavia and the Batavia Environmental Commission to present the festival.

Carolyn Burnham, who chairs Green Fair on the Fox, said the event was designed to be a fun way for people to learn about sustainable living, healthy living and physical fitness.

Kasper said the ELF is classified as a bicycle and is designed for use under 30 mph. Because it also has a rechargeable battery, he doesn't have to pedal all the time.

"I only pedal if I am in a hurry," Kasper said.

Debbie Morano, of Aurora, brought her 2013 Nissan Leaf electric car to the alternative transportation show. The car is fully electric, she said.

"The only fluid in the car is windshield wiper fluid," said Morano, co-owner of Morano's Pizza in Geneva. "There is nothing to break down in it."

Morano said she bought the car because she wanted to do her part in helping the environment.

Shelley Peterson, of Batavia, and her 5-year-old son, Finley, decided to participate in a free Zumba class given by Batavia Park District Zumba instructor Tom Lafser. Peterson's mom, Laura Peterson, also was participating.

"She is doing better than I am," Shelley Peterson said with a laugh, as she took a break while her mother kept going.

Laura Peterson, who is 57, said she does Zumba because she wants to stay active.

"I love to dance," she said. "I love the rhythm."

Representatives from Green Tomato Grocery provided information at the event about its efforts to create a cooperative grocery store that would focus on providing natural and organic food that is locally produced.

"A cooperative helps keep money in the community," said Jason Bell, vice-president on the board of directors for Green Tomato Grocery.

Information about Green Tomato Grocery is available at its website,

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