May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month

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May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month but sadly there are those who still think the disease is no big deal.

But, said Kathe Malinowski, lead esthetician and marketing manager for Eterna MedSpa & Laser Vein Center, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of their lifetime.

“That is huge. Each year there are nearly five million skin cancer cases reported,” she said. “There are more cases of skin cancer than breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer.”

It’s also the most preventable cancer as it is largely caused by excess exposure to ultraviolet rays. What can people do to protect themselves?

“Wear SPF daily,” Malinowski said. “When outside for an extended period of time reapply every couple of hours.”

And the amount of SPF, or sun protection factor, is important.

“People do not use enough SPF. One shot glass is the amount of SPF needed for the average size individual,” Malinowski said.

Self-exams of the skin are also a must, as well as yearly dermatologist appointments.

“You may think it’s nothing but a tiny pinhead size mole can be skin cancer,” Malinowski said.

When doing a self-exam, know your ABCDEs, she said.

Those letters stand for Asymmetry (when one half of the mole doesn’t match the other); Border (a benign mole should have a smooth, even border); Color (a benign mole should be all the same color); Diameter (benign moles are usually small in diameter while melanomas are larger, about the size of a pencil eraser); and Evolving (benign moles generally stay the same over time in size, shape and color.)

Stay protected this summer by paying a visit to Eterna MedSpa.

“We can help with education on the importance of wearing a daily SPF,” Malinowski said. “We also have several different types of broad spectrum sunscreens which cover all the rays.”

In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness month, Eterna MedSpa’s SPFs will be on sale for 20 percent off.

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