10th DUI nets 8 years for Wisconsin man

WOODSTOCK – A Wisconsin man convicted of his 10th DUI was sentenced Monday to eight years in prison.

Duane A. Whiting, 59, of Coon Valley, faced between six and 30 years in prison on the aggravated driving under the influence charge to which he pleaded guilty.

Assistant State's Attorney Patrick Kenneally said Whiting – who appeared in court clean shaven, a stark contrast to the mug shot provided by the McHenry County Jail – drove a dirt bike in Harvard while he was under the influence of alcohol. The incident happened on April 16, 2013.

In exchange for Whiting's guilty plea, all other remaining drug and traffic offenses – including possession of a controlled substance and driving on a revoked license – were dropped. The plea deal was accepted by McHenry County Judge Sharon Prather.

Whiting posted $9,000 bond in December and later was taken into custody in Wisconsin. Kenneally was unsure if the hold there was DUI related.

He was represented by defense attorney Mark Facchini. A portion of Whiting's bond will be returned to Facchini's law office.

Whiting will receive credit for 333 days served, and is eligible for day-for-day credit, meaning he could be released in about three years. His prison sentence is followed by three years of parole.