Teen catches 30-inch fish in Grays Lake

GRAYSLAKE – For a kid from Houston, Texas, Jacob Lucas knows a thing or two about fishing in Grayslake's very own Grays Lake.

The 13-year-old caught a 30-inch, 15-pound fish July 20. It took him about four minutes to reel in the fish, he said.

"I couldn't believe that little reel caught such a big fish," Lucas said. "It was a fishing pole from Walmart."

The animal was the second fish Lucas had caught while fishing with his father that morning. He said the first fish was a bluegill.

Lucas released the fish back into the water after taking a picture.

The fishing trip took place while Lucas were visiting his grandmother, Mary Jane, of Grayslake.

"We've lived in Grayslake since 1953," Mary Jane Lucas said. "The kids fished in that lake all this time and never caught anything that big."

Lucas used Devil's Revenge Pizza from Pat's Pizza in Grayslake as bait to catch the large fish. Sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers are all on the pizza, he said.

"We used the pizza because it was all we could find around the house," Lucas said.

Lucas said he is not an avid fishermen and only fishes when visiting his grandma.

"Catching the fish was probably just a little luck," he said.