Bill Foster is a hypocrite


Editor: The Foster/Oberweis race for Illinois' 14th Congressional District seat is generating a lot of rhetoric. Bill Foster is attacking Jim Oberweis in TV ads for having a Chinese investment group in his investment business while Foster would not stoop to anything similar. A Chinese investment, unfortunately, is probably good business these days. However, Foster's ads claim he is also a businessman who does not outsource anything to foreigners, and I was curious as to what kind of business he has. According to his Web site (, the company is Electronic Theatre Controls Inc. However, in contrast to his attacks on Oberweis for dealings with Asians and taking U.S. jobs, the Electronic Theatre Controls Inc. Web site proudly lists the company's 1995 accomplishments as: "ETC expands into Asia with opening of Hong Kong office" and "ETC expands into Europe, acquiring the lighting control division of London-based distributor ARRI GB." How hypocritical! Foster also seems to be dedicated to increasing taxes on business, which is a proven technique to reduce - not increase - American jobs. He expressed his tax-and-spend philosophy clearly at a League of Women Voters forum Jan. 8 as: "There's nothing in life that you can't improve by throwing money at it." CHARLES KRULL DeKalb